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Treatment of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias

Creating a medical group "Stimatol" - a desire to implement new methods of treatment and dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, as well as the attempt to solve the medical and social problems of the patient's adaptation to the new realities of his life, inseparably associated with this treatment. These problems we rethink the most fundamental way that allowed us to obtain explicit and encouraging positive results in certain groups of patients.

Despite the statements by many scientists, we are sure that real positive changes can be achieved in most cases of Alzheimer's disease. Chances of successful treatment of such patients are often contained by close relatives and health care workers. The first - because of ignorance, the second - because of the belief that nothing can be changed really positive.

Ever, our medicine and among others especially gerontology, claiming to be scientific, more and more lose a connection with reality. noticing the reality, it is neither for the scholars from the Professor cabinets, nor the administrator of health and for politicians in Russia not rentabel.Übrigens the situation in the world is not better.

Patients with the disease Alzheimer will never understand due to the special nature of their illness. We want relatives and more, and simply not indifferent to foreign misfortune standing understand it and cease to hope for help, understanding and rescue by governmental health organizations and social protection. Patients, as well as the actually treated and not indifferent doctors are at different levels, because their interests are almost never overlap.

As a result:

  • The vast majority of patients and its more lack adequate, accessible convenient to use information on the possibilities of rehabilitation in Alzheimer's disease, for the care of these patients, the organization of their daily lives and everyday assistance;
  • It is the apparent exaggeration of the role of pharmacological medicine, the direction of government investment in the development of drugs and diagnostics, determination knowingly futile and "insufficient-excess" treatment, on the basis of health insurance, or worse, selfish business interests public and private hospitals and sanatoriums are based.

Our task is - not only the treatment, which unfortunately is limited to a part of the Alzheimer's patient population to date, but also the desire to relatives and loved ones to show the real possibilities of improving their quality of life, as it is not only a medical but also a social problem. This problem is also based on the that existing opportunities for improvement are not used in most cases! This is very unfortunate.

A great success for us was - the discovery of some treatment reserves. This know-how is not for all patients with Alzheimer - suitable disease, but for no more than 25% of cases. However, we believe that we or our creative colleagues from other countries will find the key to the treatment of other cases in the future.

We deal with the treatment of Alzheimer's disease in Erlangen (Germany), Russia (Moscow, Kamchatka) and in other countries, if a need arises. Our specialists also have many years of experience with other diseases. In the section "What we deal with the warranty still?" You can learn which diagnoses you can contact the doctors of the company "Stimatol" to get help for which you must pay only for positive effects.

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