New treatments for dementia
and Alzheimer's disease



Method of Doctor Statnikov. Alzheimer's disease

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What is a "new" concept of treatment of Alzheimer's disease?

Basically New in our approach, that we can make services for treatment of Alzheimer's disease and other severe dementia with the financial responsibility for the clinical results of the treatment and the achievement of a positive healing effect. It is a kind of guarantee of quality of our work.

The basic principles of our work are:

  1. Only individual treatment programs.
  2. We accept no more than 3 patients in the quarter.
  3. Success lose treatment is not charged.
  4. Rehabilitation of escorts who constantly make Care, nursing and care of these patients - an integral part of our therapy.

Our patients - patients who have had a traditional standard treatment in the state or commercial clinics for many years and unsuccessful. In both treatment facilities neither success Full treatment still a significant clinical effect is guaranteed regardless of the treatment costs.

An obvious result of the treatment, no one can guarantee today. We think that we are the first to take on the financial responsibility for the clinical outcome. In any case, these precedents are not known. This form of work is now really a really new approach and perhaps most exclusive in medicine.

Our main principle is - to take money only for a clear positive clinical outcome.

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