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Alzheimer's disease - symptoms, causes, treatment

Changes in the brain in Alzheimer's diseaseIt is written about this problem, but serious successes in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease have been observed to date. What are the causes of the existing situation?

Especially, it is necessary to note that at present the number of patients with symptoms of dementia in the world is constantly growing. This is one of the most pressing problems not only in medicine but also in the social and economic sphere.

According to the experts opinion a cause of dementia is usually Alzheimer's disease.

In most cases of Alzheimer's disease by scholars has been defined as follows: "... a degenerative brain disorder characterized by the formation of amyloid plaques and is clinically manifested by progressive dementia".

Dementia symptoms

Dermenz is a syndrome that of the pathological changes of the brain is caused. Mostly it is chronic or progressive.

Main symptoms of dementia:

  • cognitive and language disorders - difficulty with perception, the storage and revision of the information;
  • the behavioral disturbances unusual activities that disturb the patient and its vicinity in the rule;
  • the emotional disturbances that shape in the form of depression in which concern, more often: the inability to be happy or to be sorrowful, their emotions can often be artificial;
  • the perceptual and - thought disorder to delirium and hallucinations;
  • the neurological symptoms of motor and sensitive sphere;
  • the combination of these disorders brings a reduction of adaptability in everyday life, loss of independence and - independence and, of course, a deterioration in the quality of life. As a result, disorders of cortical functions are: memory, understanding, account ability, thinking, orientation in time and space, the ability to learn, talk, etc.

Everyone knows that the dementia - a disease which progressiert and accompanied that brings social Unpassenheit and disability. The diseases often start with a reduction of interests and activities, which characterizes an apathy. It appears and grows to ensure a untidiness and inability for themselves. It increases the forgetfulness so that the patient to name The near and their appearance can not remember. The speech, writing and calculation disorders can be noticed. Patients confuse the words and the involuntary speech are not able to repeat the phrases that were told by other people.

The most common cause:

  • When old people - the chronic use of drugs;
  • For young people - the cranial trauma, neuro infection, meningitis and poisoning.

Ursache und Merkmale der Alzheimer-Krankheit

Cause and characteristics of Alzheimer's disease

According to the published results, the risk factors and the reasons of occurrence of Alzheimer's disease are:

  1. Age;
  2. Genetic factors;
  3. The female sex;
  4. The low level of education;

Probably, all the risk factors are not described here, but now it is not the main thing.
It is important to know that the post-mortem morphological studies show that the brain with age neuronal death are (so, for example, occurs with increasing age to 70-80 years it reaches 32-48%).
This is the cause of weight reduction and the reduction of the activity of the neurotransmitter systems in the brain, whereby deterioration with increasing age cognitive functions occurs:

  • reduced responsiveness (Bradifreniya);
  • it becomes difficult for a longer time to focus (fatigue);
  • reduced memory and learning difficulties;
  • spiritual "stiffness".

The first symptoms of Alzheimer's disease are normally non-specific and include limited interests and increase the awareness of others depending, apathy.

Start symptoms of Alzheimer's disease:

  1. Difficulty in learning and acquiring new information;
  2. Difficulty in execution of complicated tasks in the household;
  3. Difficulties in orientation in space, including the edging region;
  4. Weakening or deterioration of mental processes;
  5. Speech problems;
  6. Behavioral disorders.

Symptoms of deployed stages of the disease:

  • Grobe mental disorders;
  • apraxia;
  • agnosia;
  • Speech disorders (aphasia) and injuries to other cognitive functions.

Alzheimer's disease may enzwickeln through the development of various mental disorders to deep organic symptoms.

Treatment of Alzheimer's disease

Listen to Alzheimer's disease and we often read that the treatment of dementia is ever useless because the age-related changes are to be corrected in the organism and in particular in the brain of any drugs. In part, it is true, but only partially. Especially, it is necessary to understand that - firstly, not all types of dementia, and even Alzheimer's - disease cases are irreversible, because yield some of the treatment - secondly, the treatment of patients of senile dementia is very specific, but can be very rarely see two identical medical conditions in practice - every case is after all very individual.

Dementia is a syndrome characterized by interference caused by various reasons. The negative influence of many factors on the brain work can be prevented with the implementation of proper measures. In this sense, the treatment of dementia is not only possible but also necessary. It is necessary as for patients, as well as its more obvious, to care for them. Treatment of dementia extended an active and vibrant communication of patients with relatives and closer. Thus, a major goal of treatment of patients of advanced age with cognitive confusion is the improved quality of life itself and of their relatives.

The rational therapy, which may be associated with Alzheimer's disease from the drug and non-drug methods of treatment of the patient:

  • Physical therapy,
  • Physiotherapy,
  • Music therapy,
  • Chromotherapy,
  • Other methods of extra sensory stimulation,
  • Training, which is directed to an improvement of memory;
  • Tänztherapie,
  • Occupational therapy.
  • Treatment and psychological support of patients and their relatives.

A main object of the treatment of Alzheimer's disease is the interruption or at least delaying the death of nerve cells and the lowering of the saliency of the symptoms that are associated with this process. This object is schwerig because no precise mechanism of abnormal decline of nerve cells was discovered. Therefore, it is difficult to offer optimal measures that could securely protect the neurons from decline.

The situation is of tragic that the treatment of Alzheimer's disease on Velangsammung and brakes the further negative development of the disease and reducing the saliency existing symptoms at best, the disappearance is addressed. Other medical purposes are not even asked! Very often you can hear the proud medical decisions about the fact that during the 3-4 weekly stationary cures no deterioration in the health condition of the patient is done. And it is offered to the relatives and the medical community pride as the major positive result ?!

It seems that the majority of scholars Medic and general practitioners are more than satisfied! Especially clearly this satisfaction and even a certain pleasure from this pronounced is "legalized" situation in the commercial medicine can be observed. The responsibility for the results of this treatment is lacking a priori! And a high price for this treatment guarantees the auskömmliche existence and the commercial success of the business people in medicine.

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