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Method of Doctor Statnikov. Alzheimer's disease

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The course of treatment for Alzheimer's disease

Before the beginning of the rehabilitation course, we can conclude a formal contract with the person or organization taking over the funding of treatment. The contract specifies the conditions for free treatment in the absence of results, as well as pobrobno describes the objective criteria for assessing the quality of treatment and provides a definition of the concept of "real positive".

We work "vbeluyu" by providing all the necessary financial statements to the tax authorities, partners and customers.

In the course of treatment, depending on the evidence, the following methods are used:

  • physiotherapy,
  • physiotherapy,
  • music therapy,
  • color therapy,
  • igroterapiya,
  • additional sensory stimulation means,
  • exercises aimed at improving memory;
  • other methods, which are the know-how of our specialists.


A prerequisite of treatment of the patient with Alzheimer's disease is the simultaneous passage of treatment, psychological treatment and training accompanying persons if they perform direct patient care in the community.

This service is free of charge, at the conclusion of the contract for a guaranteed cure.

Currently, the treatment turned out directly on the patient's home the most comfortable form of work, since the movement and maintenance of such patients over long distances is a problem for the family. However, we can offer treatment options with a trip to a sanatorium or a boarding house.

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