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Method of Doctor Statnikov. Alzheimer's disease

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The method of Dr. Statnikov - not a panacea, but a chance!

I want to tell you how in my medical practice arose a topic of Alzheimer's disease and why I am able to achieve results, which do not guarantee other methods of treatment.

A few years ago, father of my friend became seriously ill, and I could not refuse to help him, although I warned honestly that this is my first patient with Alzheimer's disease, who I have to treat completely independently. The geniuses and luminaries of the German neurology diagnosed him this disease five years ago, at the age of 50, after a full examination and giving him an impressive stack of documents.

I am writing it with ironic tone because among those papers there was not any doctor's appointment! I studied all documents very carefully and I did not find any prescription or direction for some treatment!

Five years after the diagnosis, my friend had unsuccessfully driven his father to the University’s professors, specialists-practitioners, General practitioners and other authorities of different type. They even tried to treat him, but did not achieve any results. The answer of doctors was that the disease is incurable.

At first, I tried to go to the doctors who made the diagnosis, but I was told that the treatment has no any prospect. It became clear that this is a system, and you can beat the rest of life in her deaf iron gate. How much of that life remains to an elderly and ill man?

Apparently, most of the family members are forced to accept when they realize that the disease is incurable. I imagined the horror and despair experienced by relatives of these patients faced with such norm of conventional medicine. As a doctor, I was outraged with this situation and compassion for a close friend and this forced me to find a way to real and effective help for his father.

Parting words for a "white crow"

A little distracted from Alzheimer's disease, I want to tell you a story, explaining what motivated me to do it.

Before my transfer to Germany I took up the treatment of another friend of mine, who was diagnosed with "poliomyelitis" since childhood. He was a strong young man, but his face was deformed with curved, half-opened mouth, which he had to hide with the beard. The defect was increasing when he began to speak. Only those who knew him well were able to understand his speech.

Having examined my friend, I easily put the obvious diagnosis: "paresis of the facial nerve". At that time, I was a young neurologist with only two years’ experience in the clinic and with no practice in the treatment of poliomyelitis. So I asked for help one of my teachers — Professor of neurology Vladimir Shmatko from the Omsk Medical Institute. He carefully examined my friend and confirmed the diagnosis. Then he asked my friend to wait outside and said, "We can't help him. It has been too many years after disease onset. However, I heard in Andijan leaves the healer that heals this pathology. It is not known what is the effect of his treatment, but he cured the patients we were unable to help. I know, you like a non-standard methods, and you studied acupuncture, so try it!". And I have tried.

I am eternally grateful to my teacher for the advice. After two and a half months my friend for the first time in many years shaved his beard! His speech has become clear to all. In the quiescent state, his face became normal. We didn’t achieve an absolutely cure and when he was talking the facial asymmetry was still observed, but the difference was impressive.

Since then, my teacher would sometimes send me patients who traditional medicine could not help. Many of them I helped. Nevertheless, I don't want to hide the fact that in some cases I was also powerless. The attitude of colleagues to my "experiment" was very ambiguous. I was like a white crow and since the times of Gorbachev's perestroika, I almost never worked in public health.

Formal medicine

Turning back to Alzheimer's disease. I was struck by the absurdity of the approach of conventional medicine to the treatment of many diseases, especially classified as incurable. A real doctor needs to make the correct diagnosis and appoint adequate treatment to bring the body in a healthy condition in which all symptoms will disappear by themselves, obviously.

What makes the current medicine instead? Most often, the doctor will conduct a symptomatic therapy, not taking into account the essence of the pathological processes leading to disease is a common practice. Our world conventional medicine has ceased to be a human therapeutic, and became a production and technocratic, pharmacological and hospital cash. A sick person became as an element of business and economic structure, not as a suffering patient. So the healthcare system could not guarantee recovery, and even more so in cases of incurable diseases. As a result, often the person does not have the opportunity to live their last years with a decent quality of life.

Every person is a biological system, and he is not a subject to political, economic or bureaucratic, but biological laws. Modern health care system violates these priorities, and with these methods it’s impossible to make people healthy! Restoring the health of the patient is declared, but it is not the goal.

Alzheimer's disease is a serious opponent

In front of me was a specific patient, and my arguments about the problems of modern medicine would not have helped him, so I started to work. The patient was in a condition often encountered in Alzheimer's disease - he was absolutely silent and still. He maintained the ability to move, but did not show any necessity to move. He even went to the toilet only at the initiative of relatives. The same thing happened with drinking water and eating. Family members fed and watered him when they thought it was a time. The patient did not exert the slightest resistance or attempt to designate their own desires. He is not oriented in space and didn't react to anything but in touch the teeth of the spoon or cup. At this point he has included food and chewing reflexes. If food or drink were offered to his mouth, for a distance of at least one centimeter – no reaction was observed.

He didn’t react on speech, but by the loud sounds he unmistakably turned his head toward the source of the noise. His face expressed no emotion. The gaze was always directed to one point. Even the appearance of grandchildren was not changing his behavior. On touching and kissing of the grandchildren and children were very brief and mild reaction.

The task was extremely challenging and I knew it well. However, I really wanted to help my friend, so I put aside all other business and started to work exclusively with his father. Every day, during 12-14 hours continuously he was under my control. I have searched and tried different methods, checking the reaction carefully and correcting my actions if necessary. Such intensive and individual work with patient is impossible in the standard clinic conditions.

There is a result!

After three weeks, there were the first positive changes:

  • He began to speak and pronounce the words quite clearly, although his speech was not coherent.
  • He began to bring the spoon with food to his mouth.
  • He could repeat the simple motions.
  • It is not needed to continuously pull the arm, he could walk independently. Although, he still could not to navigate the room and to avoid the obstacles.

The entire course of treatment lasted a little more than six weeks, and during that time I managed to achieve results that struck me the most, and relatives, it seems, suspected me of having ties with otherworldly forces. I will list what my patient at the end of this period could do:

  • To express his wishes and needs with facial expressions.
  • To turn on the TV and choose a program.
  • To talk to me and other people in his native language.
  • To understand the speech of others in his native language and the language of the country of residence.
  • To distinguish the relatives from strangers and to recognize some friends.
  • To cook fresh juices for the whole family in the morning.
  • To go to the toilet independently.
  • To visit a swimming pool without assistance, located a few hundred meters from his home.

The duration of this effect was about 8-9 months. He then began to ask the way home from the oncoming, but always named the address.

The method’s birth

During this course of treatment I studied professional literature, searching of what else can be done to improve the condition of the patient and sustain the gains achieved? I searched for similar cases in the practice of other doctors. To my great surprise, I have not found any similar results in treatment of Alzheimer's disease. I began to explore further the problem and tried to find a scientific justification for my "newborn" method. It was important for me to confirm the possibility of applying this method to other patients.

I examined eight patients with Alzheimer's disease. Seven of them gave me a feeling that I will be able to help them. Only once I have found many somatic symptoms, very similar to the symptoms of the first patient, although mental and cognitive disorders was very different. I had confidence that in his case I can handle it, and I was not wrong. Positive results were obtained like in the first case.

I was inspired by these successes and plunged into the topic of Alzheimer's disease, looking for original ideas, tried new ways, methods and exercises. There have been many discussions and brainstorming with my colleagues and later, some of them became my partners. Now we have four people in our team, each of whom is a professional in his field and makes his unique contribution to the common cause.

Another huge step forward was familiarity with the works of Tom Kitwood. He wasn't a doctor, he was a psychologist, but his approach to dementia patients produced an amazing therapeutic effect! Upsets only one thing: I still really could help only a small number of patients who have found certain features – the "entrance gate".

Of course, you would like to know what kind of treatment I spent on this patient. Well, I used the methods of physical therapy rehabilitation, and I want to stress I don’t use any drugs!

Know-how? No problem, take it

Why I do not describe the applied methodology in detail?

Not only because it is a matter of know-how, but the main reason is the following: my technique can use only professionals who, in addition to sufficient medical knowledge have:

• At least five hours daily of manual contact with the patient's body.
• Minimum 5 years of constant playing any wrestling.
• Good temperature and tactile sensitivity of the fingers and the entire hand.
• Developed ability for empathy.
• Developed ability to read body language of the patient.

I think you are agree that not every doctors will meet these criteria. It should be noted that there are only a necessary but not sufficient requirements for specialist! These requirements have a reason, and it will be difficult to use my method for the Alzheimer’s disease treatment without them. However, I am ready to transfer this know-how to those who matches the above criteria.

I am ready to transfer my method because:

• I am sure that there are only a few specialists able to work with it.
• The number of patients with different forms of dementia increases every year dramatically. And even all the specialists together are not able to cope with so many patients.
• Unfortunately, my method of treatment will be effective for only a maximum of 30% of patients with Alzheimer's disease. To be honest, in the treatment of other patients, we are almost powerless to achieve notable successes.
• On the basis of practical experience, me and my team can cure not more than 10-12 patients a year.

That is why I don’t see any grounds for competition, my dear colleagues.

With sincere respect,
Dr. Statnikov

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