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Music therapy in Alzheimer's disease

We found it interesting article Japanese experts H. Fukui, A. Arai and K. Toyoshima about the effectiveness of music therapy for Alzheimer's disease. It describes the scientific studies that have shown that music is closely related to steroid hormones responsible for the regulation of emotions and behavior.

It was found that listening to music affects the levels of testosterone and cortisol. In particular, it was found that music is an effective method to deal with stress by lowering cortisol levels. Furthermore, it was noted that listen to the music changing testosterone levels, reducing or increasing them.

It is hypothesized that music, including playing musical instruments, the elderly and regulates the secretion of steroids are likely to reduce anxiety and tension. Conducted numerous studies by other scientists have shown that when listening to music changed the structure of various substances the body. Furthermore, in the medical press it was reported that listening to music improves recovery of cognitive function after stroke.

The study in a nursing home for a long time watching the changes when listening to music testosterone and 17β-estradiol in six suffering from Alzheimer's disease at the age of women from 67 to 90 years. The effectiveness of music therapy for patients determined by the change in symptoms such as aggressive behavior, depression, mood disorder, decreased social interactions with caregivers, physicians and staff.

The level of hormones before and after listening to music was measured in saliva samples. During the study, and within a day after music therapy is an increase in the secretion of 17 β-estradiol and testosterone, which had a clear impact on the patients. For example, it was found that the fugue episodes decreased in patients - the impulsive desire to change places.

The scientists concluded that the musical therapy is effective in Alzheimer's disease, may help slow the onset or progression of a disease and the potential alternative means of therapy.

Original Source:

H. Fukui, A. Arai, K. Toyoshima. Efficacy of Music Therapy in Treatment for the Patients with Alzheimer's Disease. Int J Alzheimers Dis. 2012 September 26.