New treatments for dementia
and Alzheimer's disease



Method of Doctor Statnikov. Alzheimer's disease

Agenzia di reclutamento «Smart Hunter»

Free initial reception of patients diagnosed with
Alzheimer's disease

After completing and submitting the registration form you will receive a letter to which the text of the contract will be applied to the treatment, as well as the contact phone numbers and Skype your consultant. You can contact them convenient for you and get a detailed consultation on your case.

In the case of manifest interest you, we invite the patient to the primary free reception staff.

Primary reception held at your choice either in Erlangen (Germany) or in Moscow. In a separate case attached as possible departure of experts on the place of residence of the patient.

During initial reception, you can:

  • learn how we can help this patient;
  • find another, the information you need;
  • agree on the date and venue of rehabilitation.

If you decide that carrying out of rehabilitation as appropriate:

  1. To sign a contract for treatment.
  2. Made of charge.
  3. The patient arrives at a timely rehabilitation.
  4. Conducted rehabilitation measures.
  5. Produced final mutual settlements.
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