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The breakthrough of German scientists in the study of Alzheimer's disease

According to media reports, from Alzheimer's disease in Germany are affected more than a million people. These patients are considered hopeless by the official medicine, but from time to time still flashing lights of hope. Another flame lit by German chemists, who believe that they have managed to make a breakthrough in the study of Alzheimer's disease. They have developed a new diagnostic method which, according to them, will reveal an incurable disease long before the first signs of illness.

According to published information, they believe that in the future it may slow the disease as much as possible. It is doubtful that early diagnosis itself can somehow slow down the progression of the disease, but early detection helps its timely provision of specialized care, but this is usually cures or slowing its progression.

The essence of scientific output: small deposits of so-called tau proteins in the mucosa of the nose, and the retina, signal the subsequent irreversible processes in the brain. The accumulation of these proteins in the brain tissue leading to cell death and consequently to dementia. In conducting research for the first time it was possible to establish the relationship between the protein formations on the retina and brain. Moreover, scientists have found that the more tau proteins found on the mucosa of the nose, the more brain structures affected by the type of Alzheimer's disease revised.

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