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Treatment of Alzheimer's disease by memories

It has long been known that Alzheimer's disease among others suffer perception and emotional sphere. Elements of apathy, depression and fatigue are common in a cascade of other symptoms of the disease. The expediency of the activation of the emotional sphere in such patients is not disputed by anyone. However, in practice this aspect of the minimum attention is paid. Thank God, that from time to time there are enthusiasts - professionals and just indifferent people who contribute to the solution of this multifaceted problem.

In the Spanish magazine La Vanguardia interesting material has been published, which is considered a special case of a positive effect on a patient suffering from Alzheimer's disease, his memories of his previous interests and achievements. Namely, it was about football. At first glance it is not easy to grasp the link between football and Alzheimer's disease. However, if we talk about football in relation to its effect on the emotional sphere, the memories of the vivid experiences related to the period past the patient's activity can have a healing effect as the former pro-football players and avid fans on.

In Scotland, it carried out a special project in which such patients stimulated with positive memories, showing them pictures of players, newspaper clippings chronicling sports, memorabilia and video games. Because of this, it is possible to raise the self-esteem and improve your mood, not only for patients, but also those who care for them. This is one of the species is rarely applied psycho-emotional impact on patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, is described even in the writings of famous psychologist and Kitvuda T. Rogers.

The article indicates that due to the positive results obtained, the project was launched in Spain under the title "Remembering the football." Project managers working at the Institute of Ageing, believe that the main purpose of the method memories of football is to improve the quality of life of older people with impaired perception and their family functions.

This project aims to former players and people older than 65 years with impaired functions of perception or mental disorders at an early stage. They are within three months of weekly group held a session of memories associated with football.

The project is at an early stage, but it is good that he started and gave way to other similar health and not just health initiatives. Almost certainly, the method of stimulating the perception functions using memories suitable for athletes and fans of any sport. Despite the fact that the specificity of sport when it likely will be reflected both in the method of application of this method, and its effectiveness, the appropriateness of its use is not in doubt.

It is also possible that the different "history of sports," the effectiveness of this action may vary. After all, it is based on a revival of personal memories in order to "recreate its past and preserve their personal characteristics." For this purpose, photo and video, and other attributes associated with the sport, which was fond of the patient. All this, of course, contributes to the stimulation of positive memories of the past, thereby enhancing self-image. Hardly anyone would argue that as a result, people suffering from the same disease, but united by a shared positive memories, will improve the mood and created a single space spiritual comfort.

The implementation of this initiative in Scotland and Spain carried out not only in an attempt to help former players who suffer from Alzheimer's disease, as well as society as a whole. The results of applying the method memories expressed, first of all, that eased depressive symptoms in human patients developed ability to communicate and improve their quality of life. Unfortunately, this method is applied only to the former professional and amateur football. It should try to implement throughout for the rehabilitation of former athletes and those on whom, probably, this method can have a positive impact, as the number of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease is growing at an appalling rate, and public health programs in all countries with these rates do not.