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We offer you an analysis of the article "Tok by Alzheimer's."

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The article says that examining current effect on Alzheimer's disease, German doctors clinics of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery at the doctor guidance of Volker Sturm (Cologne) proudly announced that the deep electrical stimulation of certain parts of the brain will activate its work and return patients to the memory, and in the future may successfully used in the treatment of this disease, because "after a year of electrical condition of the patient, to complain about the loss of attention, memory impairment and difficulty with orientation in space is much improved." It seems to us that the patient was so "zastimulirovana" electric, that was forced to simulate improved to inquisitive scientists finally left her alone! Sorry for the black humor.

There are actually concerned by the question "whether it is possible with the help of a low-frequency voltage to activate the basal nucleus of Meynert and thereby stop the development of Alzheimer's disease?". According to them, this is the part of the brain that is "responsible for the thought process and the work of the musculoskeletal system." According to the original source, then such experiments "carried out three years ago, a Canadian neurosurgeon Andres Lozano University of Toronto," he only electrodes installed in the fornix, which, according to the author of the source, is responsible for memory, but does not affect cognitive function. We wondered, for any "faults" memory has been removed from the list of cognitive functions?

It is interesting that the assault did not conceal from his patients that his medical team "still can not guarantee anything, but there is a chance of recovery." However, he did not forget to update important nuance that "electrical stimulation can help not for everyone. Unfortunately, much depends on the stage of the disease: the destruction of important parts of the brain begins at the earliest stages. " But it is noteworthy that even the preliminary results of a study on six patients already possible to determine a preliminary cost of therapy - "about 30 - 40 thousand euros." They also believe that the operation "will save huge amounts of money on patient care and treatment." And most importantly, that "after the treatment a person will not depend on medicine and be able to lead a normal life." This time we leave without comment!

Noteworthy The given information about that "first of all, this method is planning to implement for the treatment of patients with hereditary figures who have the disease usually manifests itself at an early age." At the same time we would like to clarify what the age for developing symptoms of Alzheimer's German colleague referred to earlier?

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